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Automatically convert your written content into a podcast.

Our AI automatically scripts and publishes podcast episodes in your voice from your existing newsletter and blog content.

This podcast was made by AI:

The intro, outro, podcast-optimized script, and even the custom voice (in the style of Alex Furmansky) were all generated by

Based on the original Substack post here.



Go from email to podcast without the headaches of recording, editing, and publishing.



AudioShift writes the intro, the outro, and the script for an informative podcast based on your content.



Choose from one of our premade voices or let AudioShift create episodes in your company leader's voice.



Review your episodes and self-publish, or let AudioShift prepare and publish your episodes directly to Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts

Cooking in the kitchen

Your audience prefers to listen, not read.

Reach the ~170 million Americans who prefer listening to podcasts.


Today's audiences prefer to consume content passively while driving, working out, or doing chores. It's time to meet your audience in the format and medium they prefer.



Let us create a free sample podcast episode for you based on your recent writings. Just let us know which post or newsletter you'd like to turn into a podcast:

Hi! :)

We are Magnetic Venture Studio

AudioShift is developed by the impassioned team here at Magnetic Venture Studio. Our mission is to build magical AI-powered experiences and support forward-thinking businesses. We have built the Esther Perel AI therapy bot, AI article summarizers, AI CRM tools for AirTable, and AI podcast automation tools.

More to come!

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